Jour­ney of Life

A Doc­u­men­tary on the life of Hazrat Syedna Muham­mad Ameer Shah Gillani Rehmat ullah Alaih has been released. This doc­u­men­tary ” Jour­ney of Life –Hazrat syed Muham­mad Ameer Shah Gillani Rehmat ullah Alaih” cov­ers var­ius aspects of their life includ­ing their faimly back­ground, child­hood, edu­ca­tion, polit­i­cal strug­gle , social and lit­er­ary work and much more


Sharah-​e-​Ghousia Sahih Bukhari Vol­ume 1

Sharah-​e-​Ghousia Sahih Bukhari Vol­ume I

(Com­men­tary on Sahīh Bukharī Chap­ter 1)
Urdu trans­la­tion of the Per­sian com­men­tary “Shaih Bukhari “ writ­ten by Hazrat Shah Moham­mad Ghous sahib (r.a.). The mono­logue is 285 pages while the Urdu trans­la­tion has 303 pages.
Printed by Maktaba-​e-​Al Has­san, 1992.

Tazkara mashaikh e Sarhad

(Mem­oir of the Shuyūkh and Islamic Schol­ars of the Fron­tier, Vol­ume I ) Pages 291

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Salat e Ghousia

(The Ghawthiya Prayer) 72 pages .Pub­lished by Mak­taba e Al Has­san, 1992.

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Life( of the Prophet) Trans­la­tion of Ara­bic Jour­nal ‘Tuhfat-​ul– Fahul Fi Istaghasa Bir Rasul’

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